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We aspire to be a foremost enterprise that creates value and social impact through financial support to the less privileged, creating income streams for young minds as well as making our products affordable and cost effective.

Wholesome Naturals

Kindly support our dream and aspiration as we strive to make a difference in the health and financial well-being of people.

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Black Seed History

Blackseed is cultivated in some part of the world for medicinal and culinary use, Blackseed is use as a cure to numerous ailments,maintain and improve general health.Used orally to treat stomach problems,  Externally for treatment of eyes, nose,mouth, inflammations of the skin such as rashes, pimple, bites and sores.
 Egyptians use blackseed oil to nourish skin,digestive aid and described it as a panacea (cure for problems and diseases) while Romans knew this seed and called it Greek Coriander. They use blackseed as dietary supplement.

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I am privileged to have come across your page in my search to improve health and wellness. I will recommend the whole range of products anytime.  

Mrs Ny’mat Akashat

Felt sick lately and I didn’t want to option for drugs. I proceeded with black seed tea and a teaspoon of black seed honey, at my few sip the weakness vanished, trust me I do recommend Wholesome Naturals with confidence. Most especially black seed balm cause my family and I consistently use for massage.

Mrs Adunni Balogun

My baby has been using black seed soap, black seed glow oil with black seed hair oil from birth. Her hair is full and increasing in length. Her skin is soft and free of rash thank you Wholesome Naturals.

Salimah Ibe Alihassan

Health is wealth, black seed honey and black seed tea are a staple daily routine for me. I also enjoy the special balm combination from Wholesome Naturals i will highly recommend it.

Mrs Tope Mark Odigie

Apart from the fact that black seed is ancient seed, products from Wholesome Naturals are family essential, original and works perfectly for ailment i can vouch and will recommend these products. 

Mr Elias Akande

I have series of your product and there is a suiting relief it gives for my health. Especially black seed  balm, its my mum’s favorite, its gives a relaxed feeling of massage after use. black seed honey and tea combination does good job to our body. 

Mr Olusegun Abe